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I came to Kelly for help with quitting smoking.  I've been an on-off smoker for 30 years and was really looking for a way to kick the habit for good.  Kelly felt she could help me in just one session.  Guess what?! She did!  Two weeks and counting!  No cravings, no desire to go back. Kelly is amazing!  She really took the time to listen and explain the process from beginning to end.  I felt very comfortable with being hypnotized.  I would recommend Kelly to anyone searching for a way to kick the smoking habit for good!


-Kristy D., San Rafael, California




Hi everyone - just wanted to give an update on my progress after receiving one hour-long hypnosis session with Kelly last August for smoking cessation.  I'm so happy to report that I'm still not smoking and have absolutely NO desire to do so - even when I'm around other smokers!  It's amazing!  Kelly is the best!  Best money I ever spent. Worth every penny!  Thank you Kelly for helping me rid myself of this habit!  If you have been wanting to quit and just don't know how to do it and make it stick, call Kelly and set up an appointment.  You will NOT be disappointed.  If it's YOUR desire to quit, Kelly will make it happen. Good luck!

-Kristy D., San Rafael, California


Kelly has helped me  with my  chronic back pain issues as well  as relaxing to help me sleep better.

- Mr. B, Novato, California


Went back to see Kelly to help me with my sleep issues. . to relax, she helped me quite a bit !!

- Mr. B, Novato, California


"I recently had my first ever exposure to hypnotherapy at Serenity Through Hypnosis. I actually had not planned on even trying hypnosis, but wound up giving it a try. I am more than happy to say that I did, and am incredibly satisfied that I did so with Kelly. Kelly has been a portrait of professionalism and kindness, which, for me, has made my foray into hypnotherapy incredibly simple. I did not realize the kind of benefits that could be achieved via hypnotherapy and thus highly recommend giving it a try. I have already been able to make some serious positive changes in my own life, which you cannot put a price tag on. Thanks, Kelly!"

- Matt C., Rohnert Park, California


"I came to Kelly as a last resort when nothing I had tried beforehand seemed to lessen my anxiety. I had tried meditation, deep breathing, researching books, natural supplements and medicine. Upon our first encounter, I was immediately at ease. The warmth that Kelly exudes is completely calming and puts you in a state of peace within minutes of talking to her. She genuinely cares about her clients. In our first session, I had a breakthrough. I know it was because I finally felt safe enough to reach my deeper components where the anxiety stemmed from. Kelly is amazing! I highly, wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone needing any kind of relief from any life issue."

- NM, Novato, California


"I was looking for a way to reduce the anxiety I was feeling about an upcoming surgical procedure, and I thought hypnosis would help. I didn't give Kelly much notice, but she was able to schedule me in on a Sunday morning. Although we had only one session together, it was enough to significantly reduce the fear and anxiety I had been feeling. Kelly took the time to ask enough questions (and really listen to the answers) so she had a good sense of what exactly I needed. I highly recommend Kelly."

- Joe D., San Rafael, California


"You've seen me around town. I'm a big girl. I've struggled with weight issues for too many years. Not anymore. I've tried hypnosis before, but there just wasn't a real connection. I felt it was all about the money. After completing six weekly sessions with Kelly, I feel as if I was able to reboot my mindset to a kinder, more positive, and committed lifestyle. I am in charge....and I am doing this. Wow!

She actively listened to my every nuance, and cue, providing insight and support. This combined with her compassion, genuine enthusiasm, and exceptional talent, is benefitting me on an exponential level. This is the longest I've stayed on track, and also, the first time I've believed it is "doable". I will be my own "biggest loser". I'll check in with my progress later!

Thank you , Kelly!"

-R.G., San Rafael, California


As promised - an update. I've lost 22 pounds with surprisingly little effort. How weird is that??? Hah! I'm in control without feeling the need for control. Thanks Kelly! You totally rock what you do!!!!

-R.G., San Rafael, California


"I am so impressed with Kelly’s professionalism and very gentle, compassionate approach. She lets me know each session how she is catering to my specific needs. She takes copious notes and remembers the key issues I want to work on. I have had significant results over the 4 weeks Kelly and I have had sessions. I am so much calmer, happier, and my life is flowing far more smoothly. So many people have commented on how healthy and happy I look. I know it’s a direct result of my hypnotherapy sessions with Kelly."

- Laura, Mill Valley, California



"Kel is a compassionate caring individual with excellent hypnotherapy skills. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives."

- GN, San Rafael, California


"I've had a couple of sessions with Kelly. I had jaw surgery and was in need of help with the fear and physical issues around this big moment in my life. Kelly has really been able to put me into a deep state of relaxation. I was then open to receiving her healing suggestions. I love Kelly's voice and sincere loving presense. I will definitely go back and continue to work on strengthening my body and back issues in particular."

- Eileen, Novato, California


"After years of struggling with an addition to soda, I contacted Kelly for assistance. Her genuine interest in my issue, calm demeanor, and insightful questions put me immediately at ease. The session itself was simultaneously soothing and invigorating and the effects have lasted for months. I still occasionally drink soda, but the compulsive need to have one daily is no longer there. I am continually thankful for Kelly and her services."

- Kara, Novato, California


"I began hypnotherapy sessions with Kelly to help manage chronic anxiety and panic attacks and after being diagnosed with IBS. From my very first session, I experienced an immediate and remarkable decrease in anxiety and the physical symptoms associated with IBS. Kelly designed a hynotherapy program that was completely personalized to my individual needs, and her warm, caring approach instantly put me at ease and made the whole process a wonderful healing experience. I didn't know much about hypnotherapy or what to expect, but had heard that it was very effective in managing both anxiety and IBS. Kelly took the time to explain everything involved and to educate me about the whole process, which really enhanced my understanding, and she made me feel very safe and comfortable and completely at ease. Kelly is a gifted, caring healer and I knew that I could relax and trust that I was in capable hands, and her warmth and professionalism made each session a true gift to myself, and resulted in lasting and measurable positive results."

- Maureen, Petaluma, California


"After the session, I felt a wonderful calmness and serenity, that also made for an overall feeling of inner peace and happiness, and the feeling lasted several days. Kelly also gave me tools to use to feel calmer and less stressed after a busy day and hectic workday, and to help me connect with my creative, true self."

Anita, Novato, California



*Office located in Novato, CA.  Prior office in San Rafael, CA no longer being used.

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